All of our firewood comes from managed privately owned woodlands, together with selected wood from domestic arboricultural activities. All very locally sourced.

In order to obtain and sell wood volumes greater than 3 cubic metres it is necessary to first obtain a ‘Felling Licence’. These are granted by the Forestry Commission once the necessary requirements have been met. This usually includes a current management plan, detailing legal ownership, the trees to be felled, restocking and conservation, together with other legal requirement compliance. To do so without is a criminal offence.

First and foremost, we are Forestry and Arboricultural professionals and are members of the Arboricultural Association, Forestry Contractors Association, Forest Industry Safety Accord and National Hedge-laying Society.  By carrying out the felling and sourcing activities ourselves we are able to assure stringent quality standards are maintained a well as reducing production costs by ‘cutting out the middle’. These savings ensure we can continue to offer the best possible quality at the best possible cost to you.

Box End Firewood Ltd was formed to address the growing demand from both new and existing customers for high quality firewood. We are based in Box End, Kempston and have been supplying firewood for over 10 years. With the greater levels of importance now being placed on renewable energy, we have taken the decision to make greater investment into producing quality firewood on a much larger scale.

We cut, process and transport our cord wood from site to yard before converting the lengths into manageable logs. Whilst we tend to produce a ‘standard’ family-friendly size of log, usually between 9 and 12 inches, we can, on request, produce logs larger or smaller to meet your individual needs.

Before sale the wood needs to be seasoned. That is, allowed to dry-out so that the moisture content is reduced to around or below 20%. The logs are then stored in special ‘dumpy’ bags which continue to allow the air to circulate to help the seasoning process.

Two main types of wood are sold; hardwood and softwood. Hardwood logs come primarily from deciduous trees. The most common of which being, Oak, Ash, Beech etc. The softwood logs in contrast generally come from evergreens. These include Pine, Fir etc. Like in all things, however, there are exceptions. Holm Oak (hardwood) is an evergreen, whilst Larch (softwood) loses its leaves in winter.

Softwood tends to be a little cheaper to buy than hardwood as it can grow to maturity much more quickly and, having a more open texture, can season or dry in shorter time.

This said each type of wood has its’ distinctive burning attributes. Please see the product page for greater detail.

Storage: Having spent time seasoning the logs it’s important to suitably store them once delivered. They need to be kept off the ground and under cover. A shed or purpose built log store are ideal.  Choose your storage location wisely. The key to keeping firewood seasoned and dry is to allow for air circulation. The most ideal place for firewood is an open-ended wood shed that allows for stacking off of the ground.

Remember to choose a location that gives you easy access. On the coldest days of winter, you will not want to go far to fetch in the firewood.

It may be tempting to keep firewood inside of your home but do inspect wood thoroughly for bugs or insects etc. before you bring it inside. A log store makes for a tempting home.


‘From Forest to Fire’